1) ässe
2) grundämne

Nederlands-Zweeds woordenboek. 2014.

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  • Beginn — As et was im Beginn, da was ick noch nich drinn, as et was im Beschlut, do was ick nier ut. (Osnabrück.) D.h. ich bin spät in die Kirche gekommen und früh wieder herausgegangen. [Zusätze und Ergänzungen] 2. Der Beginn ist das Schwerste (s. ⇨… …   Deutsches Sprichwörter-Lexikon

  • Anfang — 1. Aller Anfang ist leicht, segt de Lumpensammler. (Lüneburg.) 2. Aller Anfang ist schwer. – Beyer, I, 1; Nieter, 13; Bremser, 1; Hollenberg, III, 27; Pistor., VIII, 11; Steiger, 247; Hoffmann, 3; Tendlau, 740; Oettinger, Schwarzes Gespenst, 2.… …   Deutsches Sprichwörter-Lexikon

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  • Nummer 2 — for thirteen instruments (also called Opus 2 for thirteen instruments) is a composition written in 1951 by the Belgian composer Karel Goeyvaerts. Nummer 2 has been claimed as the first total serial composition (Delaere 1999), (although Milton… …   Wikipedia

  • Henri Pousseur — (born 23 June 1929, Malmedy) is a Belgian composer.BiographyPousseur studied at the Academies of Music in Liège and in Brussels from 1947 to 1953. He was closely associated with Pierre Froidebise and André Souris. He encountered Pierre Boulez,… …   Wikipedia

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  • Court Lambertus van Beyma — Court Lambertus van Beyma, engraving by R. Vinkeles and C. Bogerts Coert or Court Lambertus van Beyma (Harlingen, 5 February 1753 Dronrijp, 7 September 1820) was a notary and auctioneer, delegate and representative of the Frisian States, leader… …   Wikipedia

  • Fernand Collin Prize for Law — The Fernand Collin Prize for Law (Dutch: Fernand Collin prijs voor Recht) was named after Fernand Collin. It is awarded to a scientist who makes a significant contribution to law in Belgium.Awards* 1962 Walter Van Gerven (Katholieke Universiteit… …   Wikipedia

  • Lucien Goethals — (born 26 June 1931) is a Belgian composer.Lucien Goethals was born in Ghent, but spent his formative years in Argentina, where he studied at the Dima Conservatory of Buenos Aires. When he returned to Belgium, he continued his studies at the Royal …   Wikipedia

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